A Finger Exercise with Graphic and Digital Data of the Finger Motion Movements - A Great Gift to Kids and Your Loved Ones

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Fun Exercises for Growing Brains

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Assisting with Your Child’s Mental Development in Riverside, CT

Let us assist with your child’s physical and mental development in Riverside, CT, through our proven finger play techniques. At Finger Brain Fun, we have developed the Finger Brain Echo Exercise, which is designed to help improve hand-eye coordination, attention span, brain growth, and memory. The exercises will also help with other essential aspects of early childhood development. By completing these activities, your toddler-age child will develop both mentally and physically and will get to enjoy fun bonding time with you. Contact us today to learn more about our fingerplay exercises and see how they can help with your child's growth.

Tracking Your Child’s Progress

 To help you track your child’s progress, our expert staff will record your child while they go through the 48 different exercises of our program. We will then share this video with you, allowing you to analyze it and see your child’s progression from when they first started the exercises.

Designed For Cognitive Growth

 Our fingerplay techniques were first developed by a neurologist with more than two decades of experience. They are designed to assist with brain development to give your child a head start in life that will help to ensure their overall success.

Ensure the mental and physical development of your child with our fingerplay exercise.

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Improve hand-eye coordination in your child with our fun and educational activity.

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Make learning fun with our neurologist-developed Finger Brain Echo Exercise.

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