A Finger Exercise with Graphic and Digital Data of the Finger Motion Movements - A Great Gift to Kids and Your Loved Ones

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Home and School Hand Exercises Echo the Brain

Physical activity is essential for childhood development. At Finger Brain Fun, we have developed the Finger Brain Echo Exercise with fine and gross movement pattern exercise, which is designed to help improve hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skill development with evolving performance’s attention, persistency, consistency and endurance.

In addition, we developed Physical Locomotor and Nonlocomotor physical activity in coordination with the physical education curriculum of Kindergarten to 7th grade.

Tracking Child and Student’s Progress with MMGtechnology (MovementMotionoGraphy)

To help parents and teachers track your child and student’s progress with digitized data, MMGtechnology-MOVXAM provides you with graphic and digital data of the child’s movement performance.

Parents and teachers will be recording the child’s movement performance using an iPad or iPhone or any digital camera, then upload the video to a computer for analysis.

School teachers can record student movement activity in a school recording studio with video analysis onsite or remotely. Remote analysis option implements the help of parents to record the video, then forward it to the teachers or our team. This a great tool for remote teaching of physical activity.

Designed For Physical Growth and Echo the brain development

MMG techniques were first developed by a Neurologist and a Neuro-psychologist, Dr. Kenneth Bonnet, Ph.D.(1939-2017), with more than two decades of experience. They are designed to assist with physical and brain development to optimize children’s at-home exercise and ensure their overall success.

Ensure the mental and physical development of your child with our fingerplay exercise.

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Improve hand-eye coordination in your child with our fun and educational activity.

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Make learning fun with our neurologist-developed Finger Brain Echo Exercise.

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